Magnetic Toy

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Magnetic Toy

Detailed Description

The role of sound by means of a magnetic toy, in particular the use of mutual adsorption of two magnetic impact and sound of the toy, the entire surface of magnetic body described as arc, and the magnetic surface of a smooth body surface, in theSmooth the surface so smooth hardened film processing, or even directly in the magnetic film formed on the surface smooth hardening; with the said two magnetic bodies attract each other in a free state, rapid rebound after the impact, and then attract crash, then rebounded in such mannerrepeated numerous times in a short time the impact and rebound, and a voice at the impact of the final result of energy depletion and rebound attributed to static, and thus stop the sound, while the use of film to make the products described in hardening resistance to impact, the number ofso as to enhance product life.

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Magnetic Toy
Magnetic Toy
Magnetic Toy
Magnetic Toy
¡¤what is the Magnetic Toy?
Magnetic toys are the latest of today's most popular international puzzle toys, alternative, novelty, fun, enormous, creative, entertaining, development ability and three-dimensional imagination, be called the future of toys is being European and American pop.
¡¤Magnetic Toy applications
Magnetic toys can build a variety of shapes and decorations, and only you can not think, can not do without him! Not only suitable for children to play, and learn more and more adults are being entertained to ease the work pressure!

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