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Electromagnetism is one of the four fundamental interactions of nature, along with strong interaction, weak interaction and gravitation. It is the force that causes the interaction between electrically charged particles; the areas in which this happens are called electromagnetic fields. Electromagnetism is the force responsible for practically all the phenomena encountered in daily life (with the exception of gravity). Ordinary matter takes its form as a result of intermolecular forces between individual molecules in matter. Electromagnetism is also the force which holds electrons and protons together inside atoms, which are the building blocks of molecules. This governs the processes involved in chemistry, which arise from interactions between the electrons orbiting atoms.

Detailed Description

¡¤what is the Electromagnetic?
Electromagnetic performance of the material by the electrical and magnetic properties collectively, such as electromagnetic induction, electromagnetic waves and so on. Motion of electric charges can produce fluctuations. The wave would not only affect a small deflection of the needle, but also influence each other between the volatility, thus successfully explain the electromagnetic phenomena, the magnetic field generated by the moving charge, all from the electromagnetic phenomena not open magnetic field.
¡¤Electromagnetic applications
Current changes in the magnetic field effect and electrical effects, coupled with the Maxwell electric field produces a magnetic field on changes in the assumptions, and laid the whole theory of electromagnetic system, the development of a significant impact on modern civilization from the electrical and electronic technology.Since the development and application of electromagnetism, magnetic materials and magnetic promote technology development and new magnetic effects and the discovery and application of magnetic phenomena and so on.

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